The story of Simartis

We are a Romanian Systems House, established in 2002 with core development knowledge in SIM, WEB and Server Applications & Services designed for the GSM Mobile Network Operators. We offer innovative services and applications for the telecommunications market, helping Mobile Network Operators to boost their revenues from sales.

We are headquartered in Romania and we are the country’s leading provider in this field.

We at Simartis are a passionate team about the telecom industry and we use this passion for innovation. Fueled by great ideas, we entered this niche to apply a fresh perspective on the mobile network operators, to encourage them to discover their wide potential and find the best approach to suit their market. Together with our clients and partners we find the right connections where they don’t seem to exist, in order to deliver tailored products and get permanently involved in maintaining their success.

Our vision

We believe that our experience in the industry’s top segment led us to the point of having a wide-angle & clear perspective, especially on how important the SIM card still is for the Mobile Operators. The design and concept embedded inside our products are based on more than 15 years of developing new solutions for the industry, experiencing both an inside/outside relationship with Mobile Operators. We created our products as an umbrella over the mobile operator’s transversal needs, covering specific technical and marketing aspects, looking on the optimization of the usage of Operator’s assets. Up till now, the operators have not extracted nor exploited the value from all the SIM cards deployed in the market and also from the related equipment and services, like DSTK servers, SIM backup, Device Detection & Phone Settings Delivery, Mobile Banking, etc.

Our company’s vision is to deliver a full scale global value solutions by integrating all of these solutions into a central proposal, allowing one installation, one maintenance, one fair Total Cost of Ownership and especially a professional transversal know how of information, enabling the Mobile Operator to focus on value and results.

As a private company funded by its owners, Simartis has all the leverage and motivation to pursue seeking a self-development & worldwide deployment. All the solutions we provide are owned by Simartis and are fully designed and developed in house.

Innovation and willingness to help our customers and to bring value is our first asset, doubled by a unique technical & consultancy experience in the SIM, interoperability, testing & security which is highly prioritized as a major asset, equally to the executive experience within a large mobile operator, all from the current executive partners and business owners.

We offer various solutions and services to our clients, in order to increase their productivity.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work and team spirit, but also due to our attitude, approach and the way we treat our clients.

Beyond the projects we develop, our services include:

  • Business and tehnical consultancy
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hosting

Connecting the world

By the numbers


>100 million

Sim card Applications installed worldwide

4 continents

An active provider in over 20 countries for the past 13 years

global awards

Best Innovation Solution @ Sesame Awards, Paris 2011 Simartis Bubble

We believe that small ideas can be transformed into success, that hard work is essential, but also I exploring the unknown to gain knowledge. That’s why we launched Hayo, a pilot Mobile Shopping App in Romania, our first mobile app, in order to commercial test various UX and customers preference, satisfaction and feedback. Hayo at its basics it’s an awareness, loyalty & special offers engine allowing businesses to build and execute marketing campaigns to mobile phone users, measure their responsiveness and get in line with their end-users expectations and profile.