Remote SIM management - SIM admin solution
Device & SIM management

SIM Admin.

Perform remote tests and updates on your SIM cards via OTA.

In order to perform tests or updates on specific SIM cards, MNOs need to either have online connectivity to that SIM card (meaning at least an active SIM card, SMSC access with binary SMS enabled) or to physically have access to the card being tested.

The SIM Admin is an application whose main purpose is to provide a way for a user to administrate a SIM by managing files, packages, and applets.

SIM Admin facilitates remote access to SIM cards via OTA APDUs by providing a secure client application that exposes the card readers and a server web interface that can access SIM cards remotely. If also configured with an SMSC connection, the tool may perform actions (read/update files, application management) using OTA messages.

One should simply install the JAVA client on its desktop and log into the server application. Then, all the local card readers are exposed, and by using the web interface, the SIM card management may be performed by remote SIM testing. Sensitive data like encryption keys and counters are only managed locally on the client-side, so everything is entirely secure.

Remote SIM management - SIM admin solution flow scheme
    • Read and update SIM files;
    • Read, delete, install packages and applets on/from SIM;
    • Verify, change the PIN;
    • Send custom APDU to SIM;
    • Display/interact with the SIM Toolkit from a SIM on an Android app;
    • Store security details of a SIM (KIC, KID, etc).
    • Faster approval process: when working with BAP, some testing may be done remotely until the SIM cards arrive physically at all stakeholders;
    • Live SIM card profiles may be accessed remotely and individually by using the SMSC connection. An investigation is allowed if necessary by remotely doing file and application management;
    • The process of using sensitive data is entirely secure, being managed locally, only on the client’s side.
  • Prerequisites: no prerequisites needed

    Time to market: 1 week