X-Meu SIM menu solution
Promo Messaging


Maximise revenue by boosting value-added services (VAS) adoption and usage throughout a SIM services portal with X-Menu.

The X-Menu application stands for a VAS enabler solution that centralizes operator services in a unique service portal easily accessible by mobile subscribers. It helps improving subscriber engagement by proposing interactive and constantly renewed/updated content.

With X-Menu you can better understand your customers and their service usage patterns through better segmentation. You can now educate subscribers to VAS through interactive subscriber dialogs and promotions.

X-Menu solution flow scheme
    • Service Designer – admin web UI, enabling operators to develop, test, and simulate any kind of service/menu to be deployed on the X-Menu DSTK engine;
    • Statistics & Reports – enabling information about the subscriber service usage and their environments such as their device info, current service portfolio, and behavior;
    • Service Campaign Manager & Promotion - allow interactive subscriber dialog based on messages and menus displayed on the subscriber’s handset;
    • Customer Profiles & Segmentation – create subscribers’ segments and offer personalized content & services based on preferences and usage.
    • Boost service adoption through efficient and interactive promotion;
    • Maintain subscriber’s interest by offering constantly renewed/updated content;
    • Reduce operational costs and time to market through optimized service development and deployment;
    • Great customer experience and ease of use.
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 2.5 months