Device & SIM management

Multi IMSI.

SIM-based automatic solution for multiple subscriptions (IMSIs) usage on the same physical SIM card.

The Multi IMSI solution addresses the operators’ needs to offer their subscribers access to roaming services offered by the Roaming Sponsors or Brokers or distinct accounts (business/ private, prepaid/postpaid) of the same operator.

This solution is used to switch between the identities of the SIM using just one card. The Multi IMSI allows switching between up to usually 10 identities of the SIM using a single card and a single IMSI registered at a time.

Via the Multi IMSI solution, the customer will have one single SIM card while enjoying the possibility to swap between multiple accounts.

    • Automatic mechanism to swap between accounts (IMSIs);
    • The IMSI numbers can be allocated and further managed by OTA;
    • Multiple-IMSIs support: different IMSIs to be used for different roaming visiting countries scenarios (MCC and MNC identification);
    • User-friendly SIM interface for account local management and configuration settings: activate/deactivate accounts, edit account name, view current active account, define call forwarding rules between accounts;
    • Direct roaming agreements list updated by over-the-air (to keep attempt to register in roaming using Home IMSI);
    • Supplementary files update when swapping between accounts: SMSC number, Service Provider Name, KI;
    • FPLMN list management;
    • Call forwarding option between the inactive to active account when having separate MSISDNs (personal/business accounts definition);
    • Compatible with any Java Card enabled SIM card;
    • Own OTA RAM Remote Applet Management support to remotely install the Multi-IMSI applet on the current base of SIM cards;
    • Able to receive remote SIM Refresh commands;
    • Multiple-language support of the SIM menu items and pop-up display.
    • Reduces the interconnection and roaming costs by maintaining a single contract with a Roaming Sponsor;
    • Engage customers by reducing costs in roaming and avoiding bill shock effect;
    • One single SIM card used by the subscriber, while the IMSIs are changing according to the purpose;
    • Superior User Experience through full automatic activation of the IMSI account, application menu personalization, and notification mechanism;
    • A future-proof solution to offer continuity for deployment on eSIM Profiles as Multi-IMSI support on eSIM Profiles will still be relevant;
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 1 month