Africa – Simartis SIM Backup solution starts rolling out

The Simartis SIM Backup solution has been chosen by one of the leading mobile operator groups to be deployed on a large number of affiliates in Africa. The first SIM Backup implementation went live in July 2017, while the second one later that year in October.

The SIM Backup product can be deployed stand-alone, or integrated with a full-fledged phone backup solution, thus offering the subscriber a consistent experience across managing the phone contacts or the SIM contacts.

The Simartis solution includes a highly configurable micro-credit module that can grant micro-credit for product-specific operations and to perform credit recovery.

Simartis successfully demonstrated the remarkable capabilities of its in-house built OTA platform by successfully rolling out in one country its SIM Backup STK – 21K application! on the SIMs live in the market.

July 23, 2017