Device & SIM management

OTA Roaming Steering/ NTR.

Boost your roaming profitability and increase the end-user experience by having real-time updates of the latest preferred roaming partners list.

Simartis OTA Steering Applications Suite offers a fully functional roaming management solution intended for optimizing costs between operators. The system allows powerful and flexible network selection management, which leads to increased control and distributed registration traffic of roamers to the best wholesale rates.

Integrated with NTR, OTA dynamically updates the SIM files related to roaming prioritization and network authentication mechanism. SIM Refresh procedure is also triggered by OTA remotely to instantly activate new priorities.

    • Remote Management of all roaming priority and authentication-related SIM files: PLMN 2G/3G list, FPLMN, HPPLMN, EHPLMN, LOCI, etc;
    • Flexible asynchronous APIs for different NTRs integration scenarios;
    • Own SIM Refresh Java Card SIM applet to activate new PLMN list updates. Own OTA Remote Applet Management support to install the SIM Refresh applet;
    • Detailed documentation of the SIM Profiles Roaming steering-related capabilities for an efficient and resource-optimization OTA management: PLMN max length, FPLMN max length, 2G/3G mirrored files, SIM Refresh APDU, LOCI file availability, OPLMNwACT file support, etc;
    • Capability to manage all types of SIM cards: SIM, USIM, ISIM, and eSIM/eUICC cards;
    • Multi-channel support to perform SIM update through both SMS (SCP80) and HTTPS (SCP80 over 3GPP and WiFi) bearers;
    • Rich set of API commands with both SOAP/REST support: offers flexibility for SIM card provisioning and MSISDN Subscription mapping integrations;
    • Own Multi-IMSI Java Card SIM applet running on both automatic and manual selection mode for roaming access through a Roaming Sponsor when direct, bilateral roaming agreements are not available (light MVNOs, newly launched networks, etc);
    • Comprehensive History & Statistics of SIM card base updates and OTA Steering updates;
    • Geo-redundancy virtual deployments with VMware, containers, or NFV support.
    • Maximize Roaming revenue by always keeping updated the preferred roaming partners priority list and ensure the best tariffs for the outbound roamers;
    • Offer superior user experience through shorter roaming registration times;
    • Decreased roaming signaling costs through Dynamic NTR integration;
    • Increase steering overall efficiency through flexible network selection management in real-time mode SIM-based or signaling based through NTR integration.
    • Get the best connectivity experience while roaming;
    • Enjoy reasonable prices;
    • Transparent changes.
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, OTA keys, NTR API, VPN, SMPP

    Time to market: 1.5 months