Digital Mobile Marketing Solution
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Digital Marketing Solution.

Powerful monetising tool managing mobile VAS services, efficient in decreasing marketing costs, using profiling module, and real-time statistics with up to 100% response rate from targeted subscribers.

Digital Marketing Solution is an event-based Marketing & Sales Channel that boosts revenues and reduces churn for mobile network operators. Also, it is a multi-user platform that comes standard with its own segmentation module based on own criteria.

Real time marketing is one particular way to gain the upper advantage over competition. It is performed "on-the-fly" and it is able to determine an appropriate or optimal approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place.

Start selling your products and VAS services through Digital Marketing Solution, it can be installed 100% remotely!

Digital Marketing Solution allows you to create a high range of campaigns by engaging customers at different levels.

Digital Mobile Marketing Solution Scheme
    • Trigger SIM and Network events;
    • Segmentation module;
    • Real-time Reporting & Statistics module;
    • Target filtering options;
    • Location base feature;
    • Multi-user platform.
    • One-click activation offers a good customer experience and translates into superior revenue;
    • Up to 10 times higher conversion rate compared to traditional communication channels;
    • Instant addresses for all existing customers by Over-the-air (OTA) installation;
    • Contextual relevance - the sent offers are triggered by the customer’s actions. The right message, to the right person, at the right moments will be delivered;
    • A 24/7 open marketing & sales channel that delivers the offer in conjunction with the customer’s action on their mobile phone;
    • Offer reminder feature increase adoption rate with 10-15%;
    • Revenue dashboard per campaign help to monitor campaigns’ efficiency;
    • Direct segmentation allows operators to use direct marketing more efficiently.
    • Superior user experience;
    • Relevant offers;
    • Friendly and Interactive channel;
    • Customer-centric approach.
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 2.5 months