Promo Messaging

SMS Bulk.

The best way to send mass messages for marketing, advertising, or informative purposes.

SMS Bulk is a simple, quick, and reliable way to reach a massive number of mobile users. It is a part of our Digital Marketing Solution but can be used & customized by request. SMS Bulk has an open rate of over 90%, it’s a fact to say that everybody reads SMS!

SMS Bulk is a tool for sending SMS packages to mobile phones via a specialised platform. SMS Bulk is mostly used to immediately contact your clients and that's why it is accepted as an instant information service. It is an effective communication channel used for advertisement, information, or other purposes.

Send messages about products, events, and other company news to increase your business turnover and profit. Practice shows that bulk SMS for telecom companies helps growth, increases sales, and attracts new customers.

    • Real-time delivery reports & analytics for performance monitoring;
    • Simple and user-friendly interface;
    • Special segmentation module for profiling.
    • High campaign efficiency;
    • Real-time statistic;
    • Efficient campaign flows.
    • Relevant offers;
    • Superior user-experience.
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 1 month