Device & SIM management

Automatic Device Management.

Deliver the best welcome experience to your customers while optimising resources via automatic device APN settings configuration.

Mobile devices are expected to be more closely embedded in our day-to-day lives than ever before.

To support the rapidly emerging need for instant connectivity, the mobile operators must anticipate and assure that there is no obstacle for their subscribers in the way of accessing any data service or multimedia content they need, exactly at the time they want.

Integrating the Automatic Device Detection & Device Settings Configuration, combined with advanced device filtering policies, the Device Management platform detects in real-time all the new mobile devices entering into the network, delivering immediately the device-specific data connectivity settings.

Automatic Device Management System flow scheme
    • Multiple device detection sources: SIM-based automatic detection, Wrong APNdetection, REST API, Voice or SGSN CDR files processing;
    • Multiple device configuration triggers: Automatic trigger, STK Menu trigger, Self-care trigger, Customer Care trigger;
    • Automatic real-time device detection and identification based on a lightweight Java Card applet which is easily deployed on the mobile operator SIM cards using the OTA platform;
    • Wrong APN usage detection to automatically reply with detecting incorrect GPRS-attach access events related to incorrect APN settings used on the device, by processing the SGSN APN error logs;
    • Self-care and Customer Care interfaces to support customer settings requests or manual configurations through picture-based guidelines;
    • Advanced settings support for various settings like the Internet, MMS, WAP Proxy, Preferred APN, Video Streaming, E-mail, Browser Bookmarks, SyncML, Cell Broadcast, and Device Management;
    •  “All in one“ settings delivery to optimize resources by packing together several settings types into one single configuration message;
    • PIN free settings authentication to enhance the user experience by removing the need to enter a confirmation PIN when activating the new settings;
    • Rich set of API commands with both SOAP/REST support offers flexibility for the DMS solution implementation, enabling specific integrations for the mobile operators or service providers like USSD, IVR settings requests;
    • Multi-tenancy support with full data segregation to easily serve multiple affiliates or MVNOs;
    • Comprehensive History and Statistics module to keep track of the Device-SIM associations and to offer visibility over the entire device population;
    • Geo-redundancy virtual deployments with VMware, containers, and NFV support.
    • Boost data adaption and usage;
    • Improve ARPU and accelerate network roll-out investment;
    • Increase customer retention and reduce churn;
    • Decrease the Customer Service load up to 30%;
    • Real-time device base analytics with an intuitive dashboard;
    • Optimize resources;
    • Easily integrate new affiliates or MVNOs into a single, centralized solution.
    • Smooth transition to a new device ensuring mobile data access continuity;
    • Enhanced customer experience;
    • User-friendly self-care Interfaces.
  • Prerequisites: VPN, SMSC, SIM cards, Data migration input VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 1.5 months