Remote SIM management - SIM admin solution
Device & SIM management

SIM Admin.

Perform remote tests and updates on your SIM cards via OTA.

SIM Admin facilitates the access to SIM cards by providing a secure client application that makes use of card readers and a WEB Graphical User Interface to perform SIM content management in seconds.

The SIM card management tool provided by SIMARTIS is tremendously valuable for businesses that rely on mobile devices and cellular connectivity. The tool helps streamline SIM cards content management, ensuring efficient and secure communication flow.

    • Read and update the SIM files
    • Read, delete, install packages and applets on/from SIM
    • Custom APDUs Management
    • SIM Card PIN Management (verify, change, enable/disable, unblock)
    • SIM card security parameters handling
    • Detailed communications logs
    • Display/interact with the SIM Toolkit using an Android app
    • Offline communication with the SIM cards
    • Fast and secure access of the SIM cards, the process of using sensitive data being managed locally, only on the client’s side.
    • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
    • Advanced troubleshooting covering a large number of uses cases.
    • Faster approval process for BAPs
    • Fast and easy set-up
    • Future proof solution (eSIM/iSIM/5G)
  • Prerequisites: no prerequisites needed

    Time to market: 1 week