Our services.


Testing services & device apps.

We are providing testing for services and devices to meet customer’s needs, ensuring that phones are network-ready and don't interfere with existing technology, and applications work seamlessly.

    • ISTQB® certified QA engineers;
    • Technically diverse team;
    • Experts in testing with both mobile devices and mobile apps;
    • Specialists in working with a wide range of automation test frameworks;
    • Load and Performance Testing;
    • Ability to conduct various types of QA processes: functional, usability, performance, compatibility, and security testing;
    • Functional Testing;
    • QA Audit;
    • Behavior Driven Testing.

SIM consulting & SIM apps on demand.

How can SIM cards help drive your business? Our services with SIM card projects range from workshops and implementation consulting to the deployment of PoC environments and SIM or network simulators.

With a history of more than two decades in SIM apps developments, our team can deliver in a fast and efficient way, a wide range of standalone or client/server applications, creating the perfect environment for business growth.

    • SIM vendor independence;
    • Cross vendor compatibility;
    • Universal technology layer;
    • Deployed applications on all major global SIM vendors and several regional big players raging from China, India to Europe, Africa, and LATAM.

Managed OTA services.

The SIM - OTA technology (RAM / RFM) enables the Mobile Operators to modify the SIM cards content remotely for better SIM management, using Over-The-Air technologies (via binary SMS/ HTTP) in a cost-effective manner without exchanging the cards from the market.

    • Remote File Management;
    • Remote Applet Management;
    • SIM Activation/Deactivation;
    • Applet APDU communication;
    • Rich set of API commands SOAP/REST;
    • Comprehensive History & Statistics;
    • Geo-redundancy virtual deployments.

Telco Solutions for non-telco clients.

Wondering how can telecom solutions help you boost your business?

We are providing telco products and consultancy, helping clients from all around the globe to keep up to new market trends and increase their revenue and visibility.

Being experts in SIM app developments for over 20 years, we can expand our services to non-telco business using SIM application, developing various solutions as: security apps, authentication methods, specific menus which appear on phones' screens for interactivity, other solutions (e.g. integration with the mobile operator's billing with or without micro-crediting).

Having know-how for deploying via Over The Air SIM apps, we can integrate all these in larger ecosystems.

    • Experts in a wide range of telco products
    • Market visibility
    • Universal technology layer
    • Cross-selling opportunities