Real-time remote management of SIM cards to keep the subscribers updated with the latest services

OTA Manager performs remote SIM files updates, handles JavaCard applets and sends custom APDUs to the SIM cards, being reachable through a Graphical User Interface or extensive RESTful APIs for seamless integration with 3rd party systems.

Making use of Push and On-event campaigns to send updates to a pool of SIM cards, or to deliver personalized content tailored to each subscriber, OTA platform addresses a wide range of business needs: IMSI migration & Connectivity optimization, Rebranding, Steering of Roaming and much more.

    • Remote File Management (RFM)

    (U)SIM/ eSIM standard files update

    • Remote Applet Management (RAM)

    Full coverage of JavaCard applets' life cycle from installation to removal

    • Custom APDUs Management

    Interaction with file system & JavaCard applets on the SIM cards

    • Batch Campaign management

    Support bi-directional flows: Push/ On-event campaigns to target a large pool of subscribers. Smart retry mechanism & real-time reporting module.

    • High-capacity HTTPs bearer

    Massive SIM data download in seconds. Fallback mechanism also supported to rely on well-known SMS channel

    • Intuitive Web Graphical User Interface

    Enhanced user experience making use of predefined templates and straight-forward user journeys

    • Rich set of API commands

    Extensive RESTful API supporting integrations with external systems, including NTR platforms

    • Roaming steering support

    Capacity to interact with NTR platforms & detailed reporting of steering activity

    • Data Analytics module

    Embedded statistics into WEB GUI, exposing detailed dashboards to expose relevant metrics

    • Seamless integration with JavaCard Applets

    Easy integration with in-house developed/ 3rd party applets for E2E flows (e.g. SIM Refresh, HTTP Polling) leading to increased success rates for OTA campaigns

    • Flexible approach in building the appropriate solutions covering various scenarios
    • Gather SIM cards management flows within a centralized platform
    • Keep track of SIM cards inventory and OTA history of SIM cards base
    • Transparent and seamless technology
    • Simplified way of handling SIM content
    • Optimized resources
    • Tailored outcome
    • High-speed and robust platform
    • Future-proof solution
    • Non disturbing, transparent updates of SIM data
    • No input needed on the end-user side
    • Updated services is seconds
    • No need to spare time on logistical issues (visits to the shops);
    • Prerequisites:

    SIM cards security data (electrical specifications, OTA Keys etc) – for validation & testing phase and migration (if needed)

    Hardware/ software resources VPN, SMPP account, APIs endpoints connectivity details in case of integrations

    • Time to market:

    10 weeks (including data migration from legacy platforms).