Who we are

About us.

Simartis is a team of passionate geeks who joined forces in 2004 around the idea of providing innovative IT solutions for the telco sector.

An award-winning and technology-addicted company that helps their own customers stand out from the competition, generate profits from alternative channels, reduce churn efficiently and deliver passion in return.

Our care for our customers derives from their trust in us, which is why they have described us as "value-driven", "flexible", "innovative", and "solution-focused". We drive innovation by creating in-house solutions, as we have a great care for what we do. Because of this, we can simply say we reflect our customer's success.



Simartis Telecom has become an associated member of GSMA in October 2019.

Mission & Vision.

We are on a mission to create high-performing products, as we contribute to the telecom industry by providing innovative and reliable digital solutions. We continuously reinvent ourselves to deliver our solutions through telco to other connected businesses and industries.

We envision ourselves as being the preferred service providers, delivering first-class customer experience to all of our clients and end-users.

Simartis by numbers.

Experience in SIM products and SIM consulting
SIM card Applications installed wordwide
North America, LATAM, Africa, Asia and Europe
Solutions & Services provided worldwide


Put clients first

We have a great commitment to our clients and their needs, as we believe it is highly important for the customer to be satisfied with our products. This is how we can succeed together.


We are enthusiastic and energetic people, and we use our telecom passion for innovation. We have a constant interest to challenge ourselves to perform in a high-yielding manner.


We build our entire business on the foundation of honesty and integrity, by creating a trustful relationship with our employees, stakeholders, and customers.

Continuous learning

We aim to always learn lessons from our experiences with our customers, as every client is different in their needs and demands. We redirect the assimilated lessons into the improving our services.