Device & SIM management

SIM Backup.

Insurance for both mobile operators and their subscribers.

SIM Backup ensures contacts’ security and seamless restore for mobile subscribers in case of a lost, stolen, or changed handset.

The service is fully automated, enhanced also with self-promoting features and a smart-charging model which are ensuring users' peace of mind concerning their contacts and increased satisfaction towards the mobile operator and its services.

    • Contextual Auto Promotion – prompting subscribers to activate the service and secure their contacts only new changes are made in their Phonebook;
    • Embedded Double Opt-In – ensuring the customer has complete awareness of the subscription process and service terms;
    • Automatic backups – peace of mind for subscribers, contacts being saved without the need of user interaction;
    • SmartCharging – flexible service charge for subscribers.
    • New LoB and Revenue stream;
    • Revenue security and continuity;
    • Revenue share model;
    • Enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention;
    • Decrease churn and increase indirect revenue.
    • Peace of mind for the subscribers;
    • Great customer experience and ease of use;
    • Cost transparency at all times.
  • Prerequisites: SIM cards, VPN, SMSC

    Time to market: 1.5 months