Morpho provides Bubble to Avea, Turkey

Morpho (Safran) announced it is providing Avea, one of Turkey’s leading mobile network operators with Bubble, Morpho’s innovative mobile marketing solution. Bubble is a unique SIM and network server solution that sends personalized offer messages to Avea’s customers. This will allow Avea to promote and cross-sell relevant core products to its customers. With Bubble, Avea’s marketing campaigns can now be customized to the users’ interests and activities and directly be sent to them in real-time while the phone is still in their hands.

Morpho, working with its solution partner Simartis, is integrating Bubble into Avea’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to provide highly customized offers to their segmented customer base. This integration means offers will be more relevant to individuals and less likely to be perceived as unsolicited messages by Avea’s customers. Delivering more relevant offers has demonstrated a five to ten-fold increase in customers acting on SIM event-triggered marketing messages when compared to traditional bulk SMS campaigns, and double the success of push messages.

Bubble is delivered on Morpho’s Java™ USIM/LTE/NFC* card technology and is uniquely suited to rapid Over The Air (OTA) deployment to SIM cards already in the field, due to its small footprint in the SIM card.

Egemen Kurdo¬lu, IT Group Director at Avea said: “Avea is very active with advertising and promotional campaigns for our subscribers. We were searching to deploy easy and innovative solutions to increase our subscribers’ response rates. With Morpho’s Bubble application we are gaining more control over the context of our customers to be able to display relevant promotional offers for a variety of our products. According to our first commercial usages with push campaigns, we have obtained a 10% success rate via Bubble versus 5% via traditional SMS campaigns.”

Yves Portalier, Vice President and General Manager Telecom Business Unit at Morpho Business Solutions Division, said: “With this deployment, Morpho demonstrates its capacity to build and deliver tailored solutions to the market and our customers. Morpho’s unique Bubble application allows Mobile Network Operators to sell more of their core products, data, minutes and messages – with a proven increase in the offer acceptance rate compared to bulk SMS and similar mass broadcast methods.”

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December 22, 2014