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Press Release for eSIM RSP

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Gulia, Dâmbovița, 14.07.2020

Project title: Research and development, qualification, certification, testing and preparation for commercial launch of the project “Intelligent Connectivity 5G / IoT Services Platform – eSIM, OTA – HTTP, DM – IoT”

SC SIMARTIS TELECOM SRL, headquartered in Bucharest, 5 Intrarea Amzei street, 2nd floor, 3rd apartment, sector 1, runs, starting with 05.06.2020 until 04.06.2023 (36 months) the project “Research and development, qualification, certification, testing and preparation of commercial launch of the project ,,Platform of services for Smart Connectivity 5G / IoT – eSIM, OTA – HTTP, DM – IoT”, SMIS code 130057, based on the financing contract no. 38 / 221_ap2 / 05.06.2020, concluded with the Romanian Digitization Authority, Intermediate Body for POC Priority Axis 2 – “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a competitive digital economy”, Specific objective 2.2. “Increasing the contribution of the ICT sector to economic competitiveness”, Action 2.2.1 “Supporting the growth of the added value generated by the ICT sector and innovation in the field through the development of clusters”.

The total value of the project is 11,483,726.74 RON, of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance is 7,598,358.66 RON.

Implementation location: Gulia Village, Tărtășești Commune, 13 Pădurea cu Tei Street, Dâmbovița county.

The general objective is to research, design and implement an eSIM compatible device management system called eSIM RSP, as well as major functional updates with novelty and originality for current OTA SIM Management and Device Management platforms, in order to remotely configure existing cell plans on an eSIM card.

Expected results: 1 developed platform and a management system of eSIM compatible devices called eSIM RSP implemented until the end of the project, 175 types of assets acquired by the end of the project implementation period and collaboration with Banat Software Cluster.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014–2020.

Name: Voiculescu Alexandru
Phone number: 0213109165

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July 16, 2020