Welcome to MWC Las Vegas

Welcome to MWC Las Vegas

Welcome to MWC Las Vegas

Visit us at Stand no. 1454, in West Hall (Romania IT), between 26-28 of September, 2023

Visit us at Stand no. 1454, in West Hall (Romania IT), between 26-28 of September, 2023

Visit us at Stand no. 1454, in West Hall (Romania IT), between 26-28 of September, 2023

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February 26-29


Welcome to Simartis.

Simartis is a dynamic company created in 2004, active in the area of products & services for the Telco market. Our strategy consists of creating long-term value by enabling mobile operators to successfully expand their operations while using our innovative solutions. All the solutions we provide are owned by Simartis and are fully designed and developed in house.

Our Products.


eSIM - Virtual Subscription Management

Secure remote management solution for eSIM profiles subscriptions associated to consumer devices.

  • The eSIM VSM-Virtual Subscription Management platform is a robust, secure, and user-friendly solution certified by GSMA and designed to simplify eSIM profile management for Mobile Operators through the SM-DP+ and SM-DS server functionality, streamlining the management of eSIM profiles for Mobile Operators.

    With VSM, Mobile Operators are enabled with a flexible solution to manage eSIM profiles efficiently and easily, while ensuring a seamless connectivity experience for their customers.

    Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Competitiveness Operational Program 2014–2020.

    The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the EU or the Government of Romania.

    • Profile download and install
    • Profile life-cycle management (ES2+ GSMA standard interface)
    • Profile Personalization System (PPS)
    • Discovery Server
    • Local actions notifications
    • Performance KPIs monitoring

SIM OTA Manager

Real-time remote management of SIM cards to keep your subscribers updated with the latest services.

  • OTA Manager performs remote SIM files updates, handles Java Card applets and sends custom APDUs to the SIM cards, being reachable through a graphical user interface or extensive APIs. It also supports integrations with 3rd party software (e.g. NTR systems for roaming context).   

    OTA Managers makes use of push/ on-event campaigns to send updates to a pool of SIM cards, or delivers personalized content for each subscriber, being able to address a wide range of business needs: rebranding, roaming optimization, IMSI migration, etc.

    • Custom APDU management
    • Remote file management
    • Remote applet management
    • Dynamic Roaming Steering module
    • Batch campaign management
    • Personalised content management
    • Cards repository access
    • OTA events history access
    • Detailed reporting & Comprehensive statistics
    • High-capacity HTTPs bearer
    • Multi-tenancy support

Automatic Device Management

Deliver the best welcome experience to your customers while optimising resources via automatic device APN settings configuration.

  • To support the rapidly emerging need for instant connectivity, the mobile operators must anticipate and assure that there is no obstacle for their subscribers in the way of accessing any data service or multimedia content they need, exactly at the time they want.

    • Automatic Device detection from various sources
    • Device configuration with multiple triggers
    • Self Care and Customer Care Device Interfaces
    • Reports & Analytics Module
    • Access Security Module
    • Recognition of 100% of the GSMA official TACs 
    • Supports multi-language, multi-tenant implementations and alternative deployment options

Digital Marketing Solution

Powerful monetising tool managing mobile VAS services, efficient in decreasing marketing costs, using profiling module, and real-time statistics with up to 100% response rate from targeted subscribers.

  • Digital Marketing Solution is an event-based Marketing & Sales Channel that boosts revenues and reduces churn for mobile network operators. Also, it is a multi-user platform that comes standard with its own segmentation module based on own criteria.

    • Trigger SIM and Network events: send on-the-spot offers
    • Segmentation module for better targeting, based on customers' behaviour through DMK and based on MNO criteria
    • Real-time Reporting & Statistics module for each campaign or for a specific time-interval
    • Target filtering options based on Location or Roaming
    • Questionnaire branching campaigns
    • Multi-user platform, user friendly interface


Insurance of SIM contacts for both mobile operators and their subscribers.

  • SIM Backup ensures contacts’ security and seamless restore for mobile subscribers in case of a lost, stolen, or changed handset.

    The service is fully automated, enhanced also with self-promoting features and a smart-charging model which are ensuring users' peace of mind concerning their contacts and increased satisfaction towards the mobile operator and its services.

    • Contextual Auto Promotion – prompting subscribers to activate the service and secure their contacts only new changes are made in their Phonebook;
    • Embedded Double Opt-In – ensuring the customer has complete awareness of the subscription process and service terms;
    • Automatic backups – peace of mind for subscribers, contacts being saved without the need of user interaction;
    • SmartCharging – flexible service charge for subscribers.
For more information about our products, please visit our Solutions page.

Our presence.


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Write us: global.sales(at)simartis.com

Visit us: 5 Intrarea Amzei Street, Sector 1 Bucharest, Romania, Simartis Telecom SRL